Eroticism [noun]

Definition of Eroticism:

sexual excitement

Synonyms of Eroticism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Eroticism:


Sentence/Example of Eroticism:

And soon I became quite familiar with the devious, vicious, dirtily-pleasant eroticism of Soho.

The sensuous and voluptuous libertine is enchanted by the eroticism of the “Roman Elegies.”

The antique bas-relief awakens the slumbering eroticism in him and makes the childhood memories active.

Thus delusion triumphs anew every time that eroticism and resistance struggle anew.

The rejection of the eroticism, which dominates him, expresses itself there in his abhorrence of honeymoon travellers.

On account of a resistance in him to the eroticism, these memories can become active only as unconscious.

May it not be a normal gratification of the love instinct—eroticism translated into rhythm?

In short, the eroticism which plays at hide and seek is that which acts with greatest intensity.

In the insane, religion and eroticism are combined in a very characteristic manner.

It is a plank in their platform to banish eroticism, of the good kind and of the bad, from the poetic practice of the future.