Erudition [noun]

Definition of Erudition:

higher education

Synonyms of Erudition:

Opposite/Antonyms of Erudition:

Sentence/Example of Erudition:

But it was neither his talents as a diplomatist, nor his remarkable mind, nor his solid erudition, which made Nicot immortal.

Charity had picked up enough of her companion's erudition to understand what had attracted him to the house.

A good man, and a scholar of rare erudition, he possessed nevertheless the true temper of a bigot.

There is no erudition, no sublime thought, nor any production which surpasses the ordinary capacities of the human mind.

He was a man of great erudition, and there need be no hesitation in accepting this extraordinary prayer as genuine.

By his 32 erudition in art, Sir Joshua elevated himself on the shoulders of all who had preceded him.

Melancholy is the veil through which he saw things, as Reynolds saw them through the medium of erudition.

And this painted erudition harmonised with the requirements of those times of dominating intellectual tendencies.

The Classicists had imitated with a certain cold erudition; the Nazarenes out of the depths of their emotion.

Of course, erudition had its revenge, and carried Taddeo too far.