Erupt [verb]

Definition of Erupt:

give forth, eject with force

Synonyms of Erupt:

Opposite/Antonyms of Erupt:

Sentence/Example of Erupt:

So when unrest erupted at the Capitol that day, antifa predictably got the blame.

Jessica Simpson’s 2020 memoir, “Open Book,” detailed how the tabloid frenzy that erupted when she wore a pair of high-waisted, then-uncool “mom jeans” in 2009 exacerbated an existing diet-pill habit.

She started there a week before the Glass Fire erupted and scorched much of the northern part of the valley, including the nearby Meadowood resort.

On average, Earth has 40 known volcanoes erupting at any given moment.

More than 23 million people have been ordered to remain inside their homes in northern China to stymie new outbreaks—double the number confined in Wuhan when the pandemic first erupted.

He lasted less than a year at the school and was ousted following a fiasco that erupted when Vols fans reacted negatively to reports that Currie was set to hire Greg Schiano to replace Jones.

Last week, we received a dramatic reminder of this peril when our nation’s political divisions erupted into a spectacle of lawlessness on Capitol Hill.

The claim that the election was stolen was the trigger for the violence that erupted at the Capitol last week.

To assess that potential threat, he and colleagues collected a wide range of data from Steamboat — which erupted another 109 times between March 2018 and July 2020 — as well as from other geysers in the region and from the surrounding environment.

The winter jasmine, with its yellow bells, erupted, an event that leads many to think the forsythias are abloom.