Erupted [verb]

Definition of Erupted:

give forth, eject with force

Synonyms of Erupted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Erupted:

Sentence/Example of Erupted:

With an explosive hiss, gray jets of live steam erupted from pipes around the edge of the room.

He started to say to his wife, "Maybe we ought to call the police about—" when the speakers erupted again.

There no transitionary stratum extends between the primeval granite and the erupted rocks.

The quantity of water erupted varies from a few gallons in the small geysers to thousands of barrels in the large ones.

It is a young male, skull with skin, in which the last molar has not yet erupted, and bears the catalogue number 13654.

The structure erupted like a box of stove-matches hit with a heavy-caliber soft-nosed slug, like a house of cards and an air-jet.

By way of tuning up, he blew a soft note and the cell erupted.

There was no lack of talk, however, for Waddles erupted constantly.

Even now I was not wholly sure why he had erupted, that day, into violence and a final explosion.

As Jerry was rolled, and as Michael fell clear over him, both erupted into ferocious snarls and growls.