Escalator [noun]

Definition of Escalator:

moving staircase

Synonyms of Escalator:

Opposite/Antonyms of Escalator:


Sentence/Example of Escalator:

Other projects include purchasing the latest model of rail car, replacing escalators and station lighting, buying 90 new buses and rolling out a mobile fare payment system and app.

Beardsley stepped onto the corridor slidewalk, coasted to the escalator and rode it down.

The tallest of the Lhari—the old one, whom Bart had seen on the escalator—looked long and hard at him.

They went down the long handsome corridor and stood on the purring escalator.

And even an escalator in a department store might be excused for tripping up a troubadour.

They went up five levels that way—without seeing another person—before Kerk relented and let the escalator do the work.

He breathed in great, gasping sobs as he found an almost empty escalator, and bounded up it four steps at a time.

He ducked out of the doorway, turned and ran madly in the opposite direction, searching for an up escalator he could catch.

The thief took advantage of the resulting confusion to melt into the throng of shoppers at the top of the escalator.

They rode the escalator to the sixth tier and squirmed through pandemonium to their seats.