Escapades [noun]

Definition of Escapades:

adventure, usually lighthearted

Synonyms of Escapades:

Opposite/Antonyms of Escapades:

Sentence/Example of Escapades:

The short version is that he took money donated to his campaign and lived on it, used it to subsidize the family he was neglecting and the escapades for which he was neglecting them.

Ruefully Aristide asked himself the question: why had the Mayor not taken him into the confidence of his masquerading escapade?

It was a happy thing for Georgie; the young wife remained in ignorance of her husband's escapade.

The princess was in the family conclave which met to consider an amorous escapade of the Duchesse Antoinette de Langeais.

That she suspects where they have gone is evidenced by the fact that she put your highness up to your last escapade.

But he was feeling deeply chagrined and mortified over his last escapade.

Evidently the writer of the letter was under the impression that he had been the hero (or villain) of the statue escapade.

I have no fancy to fall under the displeasure of my royal brother, King Charles, for a new escapade of the same kind.

It was a foolish escapade, but I should be sorry to have it known.

Kingdon had also been bidden not to tell of Marjorie's escapade, and so it was never heard of outside the family.