Escape [noun]

Definition of Escape:

breaking away; getaway

Opposite/Antonyms of Escape:

Sentence/Example of Escape:

On that planet, there are orbiters imaging the landscape, measuring atmospheric escape and chemistry, and surveying the weather.

This is the core of Recon Campers—a camper that can be as versatile as your daily driver and off-grid weekend escape pod.

To make your escape, remove your 550 laces and tie them together to make a single, long cord.

They have escape routes from their main tunnels and escape routes from their escape routes.

As she struggles to hold her marriage together or spend enough time with her kids, the show is keenly aware of how this is a double standard, one that she can’t escape no matter how hard she tries.

To confirm that the beetles were actively escaping from the frog’s digestive tract, Sugiura fixed some beetles’ legs in place with sticky wax.

Conveniently, it’s Jasper’s escaped pet that he rescued from the lab.

If you’re looking for a literary escape, Ruth Ware’s novels will do the trick.

For the first time since he’d escaped his life in California, Mathews was finally stepping up to the plate with home ownership and the care of his elderly mother.

She also worked with the Nepal Youth Foundation, where she raised more than $300,000 to help young women escape indentured servitude.