Escapes [noun]

Definition of Escapes:

breaking away; getaway

Opposite/Antonyms of Escapes:

Sentence/Example of Escapes:

The greatest part of the waste steam is condensed in heating the water to fill the boiler; what escapes is a mere nothing.

Asbestos rope is used for fire escapes and similar purposes, as well as for the transmission of power over places exposed to heat.

When together the law presumes she acted from his coercion, he therefore must be the sufferer, while she escapes.

THE spirit of darkness holds mankind enslaved, but one human being escapes him.

The poet thus escapes making a direct appeal in his own person.

I must tell you about one of these escapes, in which Captain Jones showed himself a very sharp sea-fox.

Many hairbreadth escapes fell to his lot, and at last he quitted the sea, as he states "to the no small joy of my parents."

I have had several narrow escapes from being prodded, but it is useless to yell at her, or even to use the whip on her.

According to the degree of dilution, more or less of the hydrogen sulphide also escapes.

The theory escapes any exact precision; but it offers a rich field for poetry, and Mazzini's imagination was at home in it.