Escaping [verb]

Definition of Escaping:

break away from

Opposite/Antonyms of Escaping:

Sentence/Example of Escaping:

On a small scale map, in an office, you may make mole-hills of mountains; on the ground there's no escaping from its features.

He had approached Joseph with the idea of learning something about the escaping criminals.

At the third charge he routed them, slaying or taking many; St John, however, escaping.

This movement prevented Cornwallis from either receiving British enforcements or from escaping out to sea.

The daughter of Madame Roland succeeded in escaping the fury of the tyrants of the Revolution.

Virginia was fortunate in escaping the most severe pangs of the depression years of the 1930's.

We found footprints of a man, but escaping the law seems to be that fellas strong point.

Nevertheless, all eighteen of the methods mentioned have been tried from time to time with varying success in escaping conviction.

The boy at the bellows has already pumped the wind-chest full, and there is a wheezing sound of escaping air.

Tootles here interposed hastily, with the irritation of the sober pilot who sees the harbor of rest escaping.