Escarpments [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Escarpments:

It is known as the Goro Escarpment, and at its eastern end it forms the boundary between the protectorate and Abyssinia.

The curved escarpment of the Little Douvre sloped away out of sight beneath him.

Pushing his way through the drifting foliage, Dalgard swam ahead to the foot of the rocky escarpment.

The cave being almost everywhere open to the sky, the smoke issued freely, blackening the curved escarpment.

Silently he went on climbing the escarpment, digging into the rough rock.

They left the two stallions grazing at the base of the rocky escarpment.

Urb sat crouched near the foot of a lofty escarpment that contained the tribal caves.

Early the next morning a little band of Neanderthal men descended the escarpment and set out toward the rising sun.

Even when it dropped suddenly down the steep escarpment to the great plateau the current still flowed.

The shadows were due to large mounds of snow on the south side of a steep escarpment.