Eschewal [noun]

Definition of Eschewal:

eluding; preventing

Synonyms of Eschewal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Eschewal:

Sentence/Example of Eschewal:

Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz eschewed asking questions during his time, instead opting to point out how farcical the entire hearing was.

Leaders of companies such as IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Apple, and Amazon are eschewing a single-minded focus on shareholders and committing to include customers, employees, suppliers, and communities in their priorities.

By eschewing a multilateral approach to setting space policy, the US also opens the door to a free-for-all where every country makes up its own rules.

The first iPhone famously eschewed then-current 3G wireless connectivity, without much harm, while Microsoft helped spark a new category of combined laptops and tablets, now called 2-in-1s, with its first Surface device.

The Honeywell device eschews the superconducting qubits used by IBM, Google, and startup Rigetti in favor of “trapped ion” qubits and only has six of them.

Like many NBA teams, the Aces eschew outlet passes to allow their top wing players to dribble the ball up themselves.

But with her there was a certain definite thing to be done towards such eschewal.