Eschewed [verb]

Definition of Eschewed:

have nothing to do with

Synonyms of Eschewed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Eschewed:




Take on




Sentence/Example of Eschewed:

Other brands are eschewing the traditional “sexiness” associated with the holiday.

They’re technology laggards in several ways, from keeping HR and finance data in separate silos to eschewing connected enterprise systems in favor of spreadsheets.

And, yes, eschewing sidearms for a strap makes them hard to crush.

Because the screen doesn’t need to fold, it seems like it will be able to eschew the creasing problem and some of the hinge issues associated with the folding phones currently on the market.

It’s supposed to convey the idea that people are inconsistent in how they define terrorism and tend to eschew the word when the person or group in question is on their side.

Instead, these platforms have largely eschewed their editorial duties, promoting outrage to boost engagement and ad revenues.

Brands like Away and Allbirds, for example, have eschewed selling at big-box stores to maintain control over their branding and customer service.

The $420 million transaction is a strategic departure for Peloton, which has mostly eschewed acquisitions — though Lynch said the company may pursue more deals.

At just 46, the investor had made an enormous impact on business during his time at the shoe e-commerce company, reshaping customer service and encouraging new company cultures by eschewing hierarchy within his own.

In its complaint, the Justice Department said Facebook has eschewed its traditional hiring process in cases where it wanted to hire an employee on an H-1B visa for a permanent position.