Eschewing [verb]

Definition of Eschewing:

have nothing to do with

Synonyms of Eschewing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Eschewing:




Take on




Sentence/Example of Eschewing:

The upright cordon has nothing but height, eschewing both breadth and thickness.

Corny, eschewing his truck driver's vocabulary, retorted as nearly as he could in polite phrases.

A man simple and upright, fearing God and eschewing evil—in this conversation for a time he consecrated his life to God.

It gratified me considerably to feel that, for the time being, there would be no sinful extravagance in eschewing the ready-made.

In relating what did happen, I confine myself to facts, eschewing imputations.

And there the ladies lauded Mr Wilbraham's wisdom in eschewing silver.

I restrained myself this time, eschewing the careless vigor which had marked my previous efforts.

The satirical-nosed gentleman would as soon have been suspected of picking a pocket as eschewing a pun.

With a satisfied grunt (and eschewing the paltry convenience of steps) he bounded at once into its dusky depths.

Civilization does not consist in the eschewing of garlic or the keeping clean of a man's finger-nails.