Escorted [verb]

Definition of Escorted:

act as a companion, guard

Synonyms of Escorted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Escorted:

Sentence/Example of Escorted:

Wharton made the bruised Martini enter also; and accompanying them himself, the voiture set off, escorted by his servants.

Early that morning, escorted by four troopers, he had crossed Lost River and disappeared in the direction of the post.

Victor escorted her out upon the banquette, lifted her parasol, and held it over her while he walked to the car with her.

Again the “Cavalry” were in attendance and escorted the party to the quarries and back.

When you go up to supper, do not accept anything from any gentleman but the one who has escorted you from the parlor.

Thanks to the devotion of his staff, he was safely escorted back to France and escaped the last horrors of the retreat.

Interpreters put off to meet them and escorted them to the landing-stage, where the District Governor waited to receive them.

Presently the Queen of Asturia was escorted to a seat, and the little thrill of excitement passed off.

The memories of the night before came to me without shadow or hindrance, escorted gaily by the hopes of the night to come.

Talpers turned away as Lowell escorted Helen upstairs to the court-room, where he secured a seat for her.