Escorts [noun]

Definition of Escorts:

protection; accompaniment

Synonyms of Escorts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Escorts:



Sentence/Example of Escorts:

The correct keys and voter cards were delivered to the relevant precincts with a law enforcement escort.

You need an escort to enter, but “bouncers” could still kick you out.

It takes the rest of the day for paperwork to be completed and an official escort arranged.

We can do that by helping people understand how to have escorts, like your friend will walk you from the train or somebody knows where you are.

The phone number that the text came from was for a male escort service.

A lineman was sent out to repair it under escort of civil guards, who were forced by the rebels to retire.

And a little later we, too, left the post, following in the dusty wake of the paymaster's wagon and its mounted escort.

By sheer force of character Lannes thus dominated the situation and saved the lives of himself and his escort.

In the street the men of his escort sat their horses, having mounted at his bidding in readiness for the journey.

The capitulation was a matter of half an hour, and by nightfall I followed the duke and his escort into the town.