Escritoire [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Escritoire:

At one side of the room stood an escritoire, and from a lower drawer therein he took out a small box tightly nailed down.

He kept them in an escritoire he had brought from Spain, but there were always a few of them lying about in his sitting-room.

Oliver found him seated at his escritoire, with books and papers spread out before him.

He tore open the escritoire, and feeling blindly within it, found the key of the chest.

There are correspondences within this escritoire, worth all the wisdom of all the ministers of earth.

While he was speaking he had taken a bunch of keys from a secret compartment of the escritoire.

It held finally on an escritoire over in the far corner at her right.

She got up and crossed the room, and from a drawer in an escritoire took out a small photograph, which she passed to Andrews.

Ludgate thrust the unread accounts into his escritoire, and thought no more of the matter.

The signing over, Joanna kept Major Walters by the escritoire and chatted in a lively manner.