Escutcheons [noun]

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"This heathenish practice is a disgraceful stain upon the escutcheon of our State," said Ida.

This marriage added another quartering to the illustrious escutcheon of the Kervers.

Letting in an escutcheon was 2½d for each one, and letting in plates for rods in the tops of sideboards were 8d for each plate.

With the remains of an old family tradition for his clue, he traced the origin of the escutcheon.

Their pride also suffered a downfall, as if they had lost a quartering from their escutcheon.

A stone fired from a cannon struck her helmet and knocked it with its escutcheon, bearing her arms, off her head.

The ivory was yellow and old, carved with the escutcheon bearing the three balls, the arms of the great House of Medici.

Here and there a small escutcheon, peeping from a glassless window, marked the night's lodging of knight or baron.

Nearly all the escutcheon-like appliqus have been picked off at some period, either for mischief or for the gold.

In this instance one side of the door is supposed to have a bronze escutcheon and a glass knob (Figs. 315 and 316).