Espousing [verb]

Definition of Espousing:

stand up for; support

Synonyms of Espousing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Espousing:

Sentence/Example of Espousing:

He had not the courage to hazard his position by espousing her cause or undertaking her escape.

His case had been in many ways identical with that of the men whose cause he was now, for reasons of his own, espousing.

As for espousing the animosities of a friend, I strongly doubt it, from the way in which he spoke to me in the first place.

Lincoln never shrank from espousing an unpopular cause when he believed it to be right.

Women of no other nation have this mania for espousing aliens.

Milton was not quite alone among the poets of his time in espousing the popular cause.

The Democratic press was opposed, except when it could make capital against the Republicans by espousing it.

But the young man began to feel that he might have done the girl more harm than good by espousing her cause in the restaurant.

Especially by espousing the cause of the mass of the oppressed and exploited, it attains the victory with their aid.

Still, even at an early period of the existence of the Emission Theory, one or two great men were found espousing a different one.