Espy [verb]

Definition of Espy:

catch sight of

Synonyms of Espy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Espy:

Sentence/Example of Espy:

It is proposed to form this ascending column of air by kindling large fires which, Mr. Espy says, are known to produce rain.

He would espy the beauty of an old binding through any amount of abrasion and laceration.

He had such remarkable eyesight that he could espy the ear of a squirrel projecting above the highest limb of a tall white oak.

King Eterscél's folk espy that house and suppose that it was food that the cowherds kept there.

Espy still lived, still loved her; they might yet be restored to each other.

But God had another work to work than the eyes of men could espy.

But no one came, as I expected, neither could I espy a light.

As soon as you enter the town and pass up the main street, you espy groups of the students here and there.

Her sharp eyes would espy him from afar, and she might ask Lesley if he had been to church with her.

Thitherward I straight dispatch Certain of these my scouts, who shall espy If any on the surface bask.