Essays [noun]

Definition of Essays:

written discourse

Synonyms of Essays:

Opposite/Antonyms of Essays:

Sentence/Example of Essays:

Each essays to think, appear and speak as nearly according to the orthodox standard of Womanhood as possible.

There were eight in all to read essays—nice looking girls, and much like the Lasells and Wellesleys we used to know.

And as they do not even mention the well-known essays of MM.

She wrote several histories, essays and political works, which are now nearly obliviated.

Political thinking soon became a favorite topic for written expression and biographies and essays became numerous.

In 1751 he published the Scribleriad, a poem in six books, and from 1753 to 1756 wrote essays for the World.

Such essays generally start with “a bright, clear morning,” and “a party of four of us.”

Stevenson says in one of his essays that a description which lasts longer than two minutes is never attempted in conversation.

It can be safely said that not more than one half the essays end when the thought ends.

In short essays this is the most frequent beginning, and it may safely be used at all times.