Essences [noun]

Definition of Essences:

heart, significance

Opposite/Antonyms of Essences:

Sentence/Example of Essences:

That is ESSENCE – equipping her with what she needs to lead in all areas of her life.

Greene is arguing, in essence, that support for the movement is necessarily support for what ensued, certainly a risky position to hold, given the events at the Capitol last month.

In essence, evolved robot designs must manufacture, assemble, and test themselves autonomously, untethered from human oversight.

In essence they guessed their way to finding them, by plugging in combinations of six rational numbers.

In essence, that deal sidesteps the NCAA, which was also dropped from the game’s name in favor of the broader “College Football” moniker.

A nomination is, in essence, as serious as the person doing the submitting — who is a member of a not-particularly-rarified group of people.

I think probably there is an essence that some would call the soul that never really changes.

Ensure content is always ready to goTime is of the essence when it comes to delivering content, especially when businesses are reacting to sudden changes in the marketplace.

Speed and scale are of the essence—we are countingon political leadership at all levels.

So as 2020 comes to a close, we’ve rounded up some of the memes that captured the true essence of this unprecedented year—and left an indelible impression on the internet in their wake.