Establishes [verb]

Definition of Establishes:

set up, organize

Synonyms of Establishes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Establishes:

Sentence/Example of Establishes:

Certainly The Cheats establishes her in my mind as our first writer of historical fiction.

It is this first sketch that establishes the character of the future picture in everything but the details.

This establishes the proportions, the sizes, and positions of the several figures on the final canvas.

This transcript also establishes that the “Open Entrance” was penned when the author was in his twenty-third year.

The founder may, if he please, part with it at the time when he establishes the charity, and may vest it in others.

He establishes museums, and orders the construction of great public buildings.

This species of control establishes itself anew with every fresh relation among individuals.

Bone was habitually in use for one purpose or another, yet no one ever pretended that this establishes a bone age.

Diplomatic life has the special advantage that it establishes close relations as a matter of course.

Hirschel, bearing in his heart his unrequited love, leaves his master and establishes a shop of his own.