Establishing [noun]

Definition of Establishing:

the act of founding

Synonyms of Establishing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Establishing:

Sentence/Example of Establishing:

That’s why, when I established this 3D lab initiative five years ago, I decided not to create a new organization with the boss that would perform innovation.

A difference of more than a foot and a half means the world to a post scorer like Ayton, who is already better at establishing position close to the basket than the players Paul has been feeding.

Once a count has been established, we open each envelope and individually examine the contents.

It’s the realization of plans established long ago by Vashee, who fell in love with venture years early on and has always known he wanted to return to it, though he wasn’t sure when or where that night happen.

If humans ever want to take the unprecedented step of establishing a base on the Moon, Mars, or any other celestial destination, they may need to extract resources from local rocks to support themselves.

Mills is interested in opening a state office of appeals and establishing pilot programs with dedicated public defenders at the local and regional levels, Crete said.

Following the lead of the private sector, public leaders can establish workplace options and guidelines that allow parents to meet their responsibilities at home and at their jobs.

For a sustainable future, brands and publishers need to establish and communicate their value exchanges effectively so consumers are aware they are sharing their data in exchange for personalized content, services and experiences.

In a 30-page complaint, the families allege that the decision to do away with the test goes against Virginia law establishing and regulating Governor’s Schools — of which TJ is one — that are meant to serve gifted students.

Roessler also made officers’ wellness a priority, establishing help for suicidal officers and a K-9 therapy program.