Esthetics [noun]

Definition of Esthetics:

principles of art

Synonyms of Esthetics:

Opposite/Antonyms of Esthetics:


Sentence/Example of Esthetics:

I must admit you have an eye for dashing machinery even though I can't agree with your esthetics.

The esthetics of the redman have been too particular to permit of universal understanding, and of universal adaptation.

Science looks upon him as a phenomenon; esthetics looks upon him as a giant of masterful expression in our midst.

We need to admit, and speedily, the rare and excellent esthetics in our midst, a part of our own intimate scene.

It is so much outside the realm of scientific esthetics as hardly to have been more than overheard.

But we do know that Whistler helped ruin photography along with Wilde who helped ruin esthetics.

And thus logic operates upon esthetics, the concept upon the expression, upon the word, and not upon the brute perception.

They are among the very first in the development of esthetics in America in point of merit.

The influence of applied esthetics is more vital because it is unconsciously absorbed through constant association.

The value of applied esthetics is as a medicine to stir up social unrest and discontent.