Estimable [adjective]

Definition of Estimable:

honorable, worthy

Opposite/Antonyms of Estimable:

Sentence/Example of Estimable:

He was a most estimable person, but he never ignored an opportunity to talk with a new and interesting woman.

You must imagine this sound as something between a grunt and a groan, that the estimable lady gave vent to whenever put out.

As sons of Freedom you are now called upon to defend your most estimable blessings.

I am still a Loafer; Jim is a most estimable member of the gentlest society; and this is how it all came about.

And with this show of humility, which may not have been entirely sincere, this estimable lady took her departure.

It is a certain manner of acting which renders him estimable in the eyes of his fellow beings.

Ah, very good; but these estimable Caballeros do not constitute the whole of your customers, I presume?

There was a good church, venerable and well cared for; the few, very few residents were all estimable and some interesting.

They have, in fact, much in common with the Jew, who excites much the same feeling among many estimable people!

Truth is essential to an estimable character: but many a man is insupportably dull who never told a falsehood.