Estranges [verb]

Definition of Estranges:

destroy the affections of

Synonyms of Estranges:

Opposite/Antonyms of Estranges:

Sentence/Example of Estranges:

Numerous reasons, of which I guess part, perhaps estrange you from it, and perhaps also the book does not please you.

Men knew not even whether it were round or flat; and the unplumbed sea could still estrange.

All that Murray's policy seemed to have really done was to estrange from her the English Catholics.

She flashed at him indignantly, "You wish to estrange me from my family, from my sister Caroline."

Because, miserable slave, you cherish the mad hope of beguiling me yourself, you do your utmost to estrange me from your master.

She dwelt on a difference of opinion now existing between her and my father—“it might estrange them seriously.”

Montmorency had requited her good services with ingratitude, repeatedly endeavouring to estrange Francis from her.

Kept at the minimum, kept in its place, such friction does not estrange.

His criticisms will estrange the husband's heart and cool his love.

And yet why should such memories estrange his spirit from hers?