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"He is the great unconscious humorist of modern art, also a great etcher," said Isabel, dryly.

Messrs. Cassell and others issued portfolios of prints, and every painter became an etcher.

At the present time they are ignored or defied, and the bigger the plate the better pleased is the etcher and his public.

No etcher had got such fullness of colour without a mass of cross-hatching that takes away from the freshness.

In the olden time the engraver, or etcher, himself was to a considerable extent his own printer.

A plate that left the etcher's hand a mere skeleton may be made to produce a print which is a thing of life.

The design was doubtless admirably worked out in the original drawing; but it has suffered at the hands of an unknown etcher.

He was a most successful etcher, his plates being admired by the connoisseur for the beauty of technique therein displayed.

He was also an etcher, and the British Museum possesses a fragment of a sketch-book of his.

Fyt—painter and etcher of animals—was a pupil of Snyders, whom in some respects he excelled.