Etchings [noun]

Definition of Etchings:

art created by carving

Synonyms of Etchings:

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Sentence/Example of Etchings:

The two swing-out windows in the kitchen appear to have some etching or scratching that has gotten worse.

Apply window treatments such as etching and inexpensive sticker grids.

She also practises etching, pen-and-ink drawing, as well as crayon and water-color sketching.

The two walked along under the trees, which cast etching-like shadows in the broad moonlight, and neither talked much.

The edge of the tray or plate may be decorated either by piercing, embossing, etching, or enameling.

Its drooping knotted threads also make a pretty etching upon the winter snow.

It is advantageous to repeat the mopping-on process at intervals during the etching.

Aquatint, a method of etching on copper by which a beautiful effect is produced, resembling a fine drawing in sepia or Indian ink.

His training, therefore, was in the hardest and most perfect school of etching in the world, a fact never until now pointed out.

The whole thing is but a clumsy attempt to imitate the Whistler in the Big Hat, as well as the etching of the same subject.