Eternally [adverb]

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Stanley Cowell’s jazz odyssey is still underway The coronavirus is devastating a uniquely American art form McCoy Tyner’s eternal return

Part of what makes multiple versions of the play eternal, for him, is simply the ritual.

Each is rare, and the combination of the two—ice on the crater floor and a narrow peak of eternal light on the crater rim—is a prized target for different players.

He is a storyteller, strategist, and eternal student of marketing and business strategy.

To be a cyclist is to be in an eternal state of trying to reconcile the two.

Leavitt, a conservative Republican, sees the struggle between these two eternal goals—liberty and security—as a legitimate, and even necessary contest.

A God who damns eternally must be the most odious Being that the human mind could imagine.

Mrs. S., tho her dropsicle legs had never carred her half so fur before, was eternally on the key veve, as the French say.

In the unvarying precision of its mathematical universe, all is eternally written.

It was a voice and signal which summoned reinforcements of waters, and in obedience to which the waters charged eternally.