Ethic [noun]

Definition of Ethic:

moral principle

Synonyms of Ethic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ethic:

Sentence/Example of Ethic:

Firstly, the propositions of ethics are much harder to frame with precision than the truths of logic and mathematics.

Platonism about ethics is still a popular option, but its advocates face a deep problem accounting for moral knowledge.

Safety, ethics, and regulatory committees are speeding things up by prioritizing approval processes ahead of those for other vaccines and medicines.

Follow Leave No Trace ethics when you disperse your dishwater.

We can debate the merits and ethics of such as approach and whether news publishers should be subject to the pressures of the “free market.”

“Even 18 months ago, ethics was not as much a part of the conversation as it is today,” said Beena Ammanath, who leads the AI Institute at Deloitte.

Now ethics is coming up earlier and earlier in the discussion.

The ethics of AI is a hot topic at the minute, particularly with the ongoing controversies around facial recognition software.

We know the value of hard work, old school work ethics, and overcoming obstacles in a real world manner.

Eventually, long before they really develop a stabilized ethic, someone's going to collate that whole mess.