Ethnic [adjective]

Definition of Ethnic:

racial, cultural

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Sentence/Example of Ethnic:

They, like many people with health issues or from under-resourced racial and ethnic minority communities, are affected by numerous social determinants that amplify the negative health consequences they experience.

It’s even harder when you’re an ethnic minority, and then especially when you’re the minority of minorities in coaching or in sports.

Under amendments introduced on the House side and later adopted by the Senate, the measures also require the submission of racial and ethnic data about people who receive the shot.

He also addressed the intersectionality of those who identify as both a member of the LGBTQ and other racial or ethnic communities, again citing hate crimes data where there was an overlap in acts committed.

Still, as the story of Leonel Castillo shows, Mayorkas probably will face internal dissent, based on his perceived liberal politics if not his ethnic identity.

They think that the tests are necessary for equity among racial and ethnic groups.

The second is Measure Up, a partnership between Fortune and data company Refinitiv to challenge companies to disclose their data on ethnic diversity—which is still rare.

Around the world, racial and ethnic minorities have demanded justice after centuries of structural discrimination.

But, for the past two months, violent conflict in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region fueled by ethnic power politics has threatened the country’s stability.

Although states kept tabs on racial, ethnic, and gender demographics on the disease, few recorded data on LGBTQ casualties.