Ethnicity [noun]

Definition of Ethnicity:

ethnic background

Synonyms of Ethnicity:

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Sentence/Example of Ethnicity:

Racial disparities also increased or decreased depending on how dark it was outside, which the report suggested could be because some people were stopped more often when officers could more easily perceive their race or ethnicity.

The other issue is the lack of a uniform way to count race and ethnicity.

Teachers had already made predictions of their students’ exam scores, but previous studies had shown that these could be biased on the basis of age, gender, and ethnicity.

This data is largely incomplete, though, because the majority of occupants – 736 – did not report their ethnicity.

The panel should not base its decisions on ethnicity or race—but it also cannot ignore the influence those factors will have on demand.

According to research, it takes us less than 30 seconds to profile someone based on their language, making decisions on their socio-economic class, background and ethnicity.

We’ve started trying in our screenplays to more specifically call out gender, ethnicity, so that they can have a different opinion, but they aren’t starting from whatever their baseline bias and assumption may be.