Ethnological [adjective]

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Foreign lands are a subject of geographical and ethnological study.

When this is settled, the hardest problem of all remains behind; viz., the ethnological position of the Iberians.

But this only simplifies the question as to the ethnological position of the Iberic variety of the human species.

Turk—I have no pretence to the minute ethnological knowledge which would enable me even to guess at the proportions.

Mongolia and China—each of these countries illustrates an important ethnological phenomenon.

The Kocch, Bodo, and Dhimal is the title of one of that writer's works—a model of an ethnological monograph.

One thing, only, is certain—viz., that as an ethnological criterion the practice is of no great value.

Hence, the transition is abrupt; although by no means conclusive as to any broad and trenchant line of ethnological demarcation.

Lastly, they are essentially parts of an ethnological investigation—ethnological rather than either social or political.

Excellent works give full accounts of them; whilst it is not through them that the true ethnological problems are to be worked.