Ethnology [noun]

Definition of Ethnology:

ideas, values of a people

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Sentence/Example of Ethnology:

Celtic ethnology and philology (see Celt) are still in the "age of discussion."

Recognized scientists may learn of them by addressing the author through the Director of the Bureau of Ethnology.

Its ethnology belongs to the different countries which it dignified by its valour, or dishonoured by its profligacy.

At the same time I should be glad to direct the attention of some investigator to their ethnology.

The foot of the hill, and the hill itself, are important points of difference in Indian ethnology.

Such are the doubts that apply to an important question in Asiatic ethnology.

The really important ethnology of Ceylon is that of the Vaddahs, in the eastern districts, inland of Battacaloa.

To some of these I now return, since three points of Algonkin ethnology require special notice.

A detailed description of Mr. Squier's discoveries, is an accession to ethnology which is anxiously expected.

Ethnology is not yet entirely able to untangle the complicated problems connected with these racial fusions.