Etymologies [noun]

Definition of Etymologies:

word history

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Sentence/Example of Etymologies:

He understands this to mean "sheltered, secure from wind;" and he asks to what etymology this sense can be attributed.

I would have made the Saracens descend from Sarah; the etymology would then have been neater.

No amount of brainwork has conjured any sense from Iffley, and the etymology has been placed on the shelf as “unknown”.

In a moment of noteworthy frankness Prof. Skeat has admitted that “Scientific etymology is usually clumsy and frequently wrong”.

The official etymology of June is “probably from root of Latin juvenis, junior,” but where is the sense in this?

We have no transmitted etymology of the term, and must rely on the general principles of their vocabulary.

Then they were called obol, a word of obscure etymology, or inia, which signifies sticking up or standing erect.

Can any of your readers (among whom I trust there are many retired West India planters) give the etymology of this word?

The one has been led away by a love of etymology—the other would string the fiddle at the expense of poor puss's viscera.

Etymology: A Sanskrit word signifying happiness, pleasure, good luck.