Euphemisms [noun]

Definition of Euphemisms:

nice way of saying something

Synonyms of Euphemisms:

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Sentence/Example of Euphemisms:

This is pretty strong; and "sophistry" and "time-serving" are only euphemisms for lying in preaching and practice.

Reference has been made to the euphemisms in use among all peoples to avoid pronouncing the name of the devil.

A bull or boar is not to be mentioned as such in mixed company, but male-brute and male-hog are used as euphemisms.

O no, Adam; we'd look out all the most graceful euphemisms in the newspapers, and we wouldn't hurt the feelings of a spider.

Hence we find such expressions as 'to go to lodge with Othin' or 'to go to Valhalla' used as euphemisms for 'to be killed.'

The euphemisms under which the ransom was disguised deceived no one unless it were the Chinese themselves.

The passage of the notorious Comstock Postal Act, in 1873, greatly stimulated the search for euphemisms.

He rejected all the glozing euphemisms which had lulled the House of Lords.

It should be added that euphemisms for menstruation are not confined to Europe, and are found among savages.

He wondered if he could soften the news, but it did not lend itself to euphemisms.