Euphony [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Euphony:

Generally the vowel e in this situation, is a connective, or introduced merely for the sake of euphony.

This was the plan agreed on; no changes were made except of detail and for euphony, and some modifications.

Thou art the—well, for the sake of euphony we will say man, but it is not man that is in the mind of your censors.

Of this term, the inflection ing, is simply a local form, the letter s being thrown in for euphony.

But "Mai" may be the first, second, or third syllable of a man's name, according to euphony.

Euphony is one of the strongest of the many strong points of Esperanto.

These changes are not arbitrary, but inhere in the laws and euphony of human language.

When our poet was fifteen he called himself Petrarch, probably with Plutarch in mind, "for the sake of euphony," he said.

But to him the name of Rufus Shine had seemed lacking in impressiveness and euphony for use by one about entering the ministry.

They alter her name into Pherephatta now-a-days, because the present generation care for euphony more than truth.