Euthanasia [noun]

Definition of Euthanasia:

mercy killing

Synonyms of Euthanasia:

Opposite/Antonyms of Euthanasia:


Sentence/Example of Euthanasia:

The sequel was in the same taste and style, and ended with the euthanasia of all similar representations, a hearty dinner.

Obviously the cure is the elimination of that sixth woman, preferably by euthanasia.

It was here that one enthusiast achieved a fisherman's euthanasia, for he dropped dead suddenly in the very act of playing a fish.

The Euthanasia Company had rarely been called by a client in a greater hurry.

To the mind of the orthodox Hindu there is no such thing as euthanasia, and it is impious to attempt to bring it about.

No physician may in any possible condition kill a patient merely to effect euthanasia.

The state has no more right than the physician to permit the killing of patients to bring about euthanasia.

Such practitioners also would come under the euthanasia act.

When we talk about euthanasia, then, it would be well to ask some of these old people whether they want it or not.

It is to be understood that a euthanasia was to be prepared for them;—and how many, as men now are, does a euthanasia await?