Evacuated [verb]

Definition of Evacuated:

clear an area; empty

Synonyms of Evacuated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Evacuated:

Sentence/Example of Evacuated:

Late last year, the city moved employees into the downtown high-rise, only to evacuate them a few weeks later after the building was declared a public nuisance.

So far, five people have died in the fires and more than 119,000 others have had to evacuate from their homes.

After the city evacuated the building, Faulconer initiated a forensic review and tapped three outside law firms to address different aspects of the overall project.

The city responded by voluntarily shutting down the building and evacuating employees who had already moved in.

Most critically, the county identified that one of the project’s two routes, West Lilac Road, presents an entrapment risk in the event people need to evacuate for a wildfire.

The leaguers were now anxious to co-operate with the Americans in compelling the Spaniards to evacuate the Archipelago.

The commander-in-chief overrated the fighting qualities of the Neapolitan troops and thought it prudent to evacuate Rome.

The situation was hopeless; the only wise course was to evacuate all garrisons in Germany and retire on the Saale.

Consequently, he had his lighter baggage moved and had his troops evacuate the area.

At the same time also Ibrahim Pacha was directed by his father to evacuate Syria.