Evaded [verb]

Definition of Evaded:

get away from

Opposite/Antonyms of Evaded:

Sentence/Example of Evaded:

This woman, who was a sort of Jacques Collin in petticoats, evaded the police, thanks to her disguises.

West Virginia originally evaded such a conference but, later, appointed a commission to represent the state.

Jacques Cambremer evaded justice only by reason of the fact that his father gagged him and cast him into the sea.

He evaded the drawing-room door and led the way into his library; and she knew that he meant to have the last hour with her alone.

The attendance on the two courses of dissection could be evaded, and this was frequently done.

Payment was no longer to be evaded so easily as in past times, and smuggling would be attended with greater risk.

The French disliked the English law with reference to land, and as far as possible evaded it.

What can a record of contrived meetings, of sundering difficulties evaded and overcome, signify here?

Where differences appeared, Napoleon evaded close discussion and passed to other matters.

Miss Angela's private smile to me seemed to say; but this time I evaded the discreet invitation to participate.