Evades [verb]

Definition of Evades:

get away from

Opposite/Antonyms of Evades:

Sentence/Example of Evades:

Victor and his crew travel from Virginia to Nashville, evading and finally facing down a sinister force of silent enemies called the Phasers.

Viruses, especially those new to their hosts, often pick up mutations that help them adapt to their new habitat, or they evade drugs or immune attacks.

They could evade existing vaccines, and we might have to keep playing catch-up to develop boosters that target the mutations.

Safety reports filed with the federal government show some customers slowly munching popcorn, apple slices and chocolate pieces to evade the airlines’ mask requirements.

It could start by opening DOJ investigations into police departments, like those in Phoenix and Oklahoma City, that have largely evaded federal intervention despite reporting relatively high rates of police violence.

Notwithstanding the scientific consensus, fathers still struggle to evade the intense pressure they feel to conform with outdated and sexist cultural norms.

Amazingly, Ellsberg and his wife evaded the FBI for 11 days, spreading copies of the Pentagon Papers across the country through a network of activists.

Essential workers lost in vaccine scrum as states prioritize elderlyAll viruses change as they replicate, but virologists most fear the mutations that make it easier for viruses to spread, to evade vaccine protection and to cause deadlier disease.

Their work stems from the thorny—or perhaps I should say “spikey”—ability of viruses to mutate in ways that allow them to evade our immune system.

Also found in the South Africa variant, the mutation, known as E484k, could help it evade coronavirus antibodies.