Evading [verb]

Definition of Evading:

get away from

Opposite/Antonyms of Evading:

Sentence/Example of Evading:

It was a nightmare, constantly evading the most passionate wishes and endeavours, and constantly gaining ground.

All of these are oath-sounds rather than oaths, and somewhat oath-evading, after the fashion of "goldarn it," in America.

She was plainly flurried by the meeting, and looking about trying to find if there were not, even yet, a way of evading it.

Evading any further question, Peter hastily traversed the vault, elevating the light so as to reveal the contents of each cell.

They are evading the choice under cover of the Allies and waxing fat meanwhile.

Its impossible not to understand her at once, Potugin replied quickly, as though evading the last question.

"I'm ready to do it now, uncle," responded Mary, evading a reply to his question by the prompt proffer of her services.

The new kind of adaptation was in sight, however, which was to have the double advantage of evading the law and elevating the art.

It is like tossing a feather; or trying to drive a swarm of flies; dodging and evading every impulse applied.

"That's an argument in favor of cremation, at any rate," replied Dear Jones, evading the direct question.