Evaluated [verb]

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In this simple case the various incidents must be evaluated, and each must be considered by itself.

Hence the great contrast which may exist between a good or an immediate experience and an evaluated or judged good.

Life itself and all its energies must be given freely; material goods must not be evaluated too minutely.

No one can tell, urged the Senator, whether a rate is reasonable until the railway in question has been evaluated.

Authors are no longer evaluated in terms of sthetics, but rather from the point of view of political economy.

It has evaluated the pretensions of the two conflicting schools of Russian music nicely.

The value of d can be evaluated by considering the combustion of amorphous carbon to carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

Challis correctly evaluated the rector's attitude; it was with something of pity in his mind that he turned and walked beside him.

In 1943, MacDaniels and Wilde summarized the previous work done, added many tests and evaluated the scoring system.

No pruning was done except at planting time as the seedlings were all evaluated before pruning was needed.