Evaluating [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Evaluating:

This engine was to be capable of evaluating any algebraic formula.

He waited while her glance swung about the room, evaluating the place and its occupants in one quick sweep.

But they were in a pickle, and it would be up to her to see that Nails didn't waste too much time evaluating things.

When he made out these laws there was no method of evaluating areas except the Greek methods.

This resolution is the inverse of the process of evaluating an indeterminate form of the type ∞ − ∞.

In further evaluating this head wound, I will refer back to the X-rays which we had previously prepared.

I was in the emergency room evaluating some patient for admission.

Is there anything else depicted by that X-ray of material assistance in evaluating the Governor's wound?

Danny sat down and for a moment shut his eyes but remained conscious of everyone looking at him, staring at him, evaluating.

Precedent won't hold always, and there's no predicting nor evaluating the motives of an alien race.