Evanescence [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Evanescence:

Ardours of passion could be felt as in youth without the recuperative intervals which had accompanied evanescence.

Colours, shadows and atmospheric effects are naturally associated with ideas of transition, mystery and evanescence.

She was immediately angry at having betrayed even to herself the possible evanescence of her passion for him.

The baffling evanescence of dreams caught sight of on awakening is familiar to every one.

It recalled, too, the thought of man's evanescence and the apparent fixedness of his institutions.

The trees, as if weeping at the evanescence of the life around them, shed their leaves at the faintest breeze.

There is here no semicircular evanescence, as the specimen is rotated in azimuth.

Then the white race began to sentimentalize over them, and sincere scientific people to deplore their evanescence.

Nothing marred the perfect beauty of their revival—save the fear of its evanescence.

In it the evanescence of Nature, immortal as she seems, is contrasted with the true eternal life of mortal man.