Evangelical [adjective]

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The evangelical couple also visited a swingers club, Miami Velvet, according to Granda.

Kristen Howerton, a writer and family therapist who grew up evangelical, says that she began seeing more QAnon-related content from evangelical friends on Facebook about a year ago.

Around a quarter of American adults identify themselves as evangelical Protestants, including parts of the Baptist, Lutheran, and Presbyterian denominations.

For evangelicals, the Wayfair rumors exploded into a major online freakout.

Among evangelicals, feelings about human trafficking are often so intense that people are only interested in hearing, and sharing, stories about how inhumane and widespread it is.

Key GOP activist groups, including evangelical groups, anti-immigration groups, gun-rights groups, and billionaire donors are far more extreme than the rest of the party.

About the same amount say evangelical Christians experience some or a lot of discrimination.

In rejecting this system, she had no friend to conduct her to the warm, sheltered, and congenial retreats of evangelical piety.

In these papers it has been chiefly discussed as one of the two principal branches of the general Evangelical movement.

The Evangelical movement had done good even in quarters where it had been looked upon with disfavour.