Evangelism [noun]

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Sane, honorable evangelism never excludes Christian nurture any more than the sunlight obviates the necessity of soil cultivation.

It was arranged that our colleague should take charge of the outside evangelism, while we opened work at the main station.

Every door seemed wide open before us, and the time ripe for a specially aggressive campaign of evangelism for the heathen.

This orientation could be the source of a new evangelism that would make its witness heard in the depth and detail of human life.

They had zeal for evangelism, but they still had much to learn about its method.

But their method of evangelism had been of the Methodist type.

As a nation we do not believe in war or militarism or evangelism.

The new democratic evangelism began to encourage this, and then came the difficulty—the inevitable ethical paradox.

This is, in fact, the essence of the new evangelism to which the young men and women of this day are called.

The convictions that prompt evangelism and missionary zeal are the result of centuries of race experience.