Evangelists [noun]

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Oveis Gharan hopes that it will now play that role for the geometry of polynomials, for which he has become an eager evangelist.

We’ve all read, and perhaps experienced, how psilocybin rewires our brains, and so were anxious to hear what the “fungal evangelist” had to say about the environmental impact of tripping.

They saw they see the acquisition boosting growth of the Matrix ecosystem as a whole other developer community gets plugged in and — they hope — converted to evangelists for the open network.

Since his influential work on psilocybin mushrooms in the 1970s, he has grown into an unlikely hybrid between fungal evangelist and tycoon.

Among them is David Hayes, “the Praying Medic,” whom the Atlantic called “one of the best-known QAnon evangelists on the planet.”

Each evangelist had his little knot of three or four companions, but these had come with him, and of hearers they had none.

On learning her name he knew her instantly by fame as the widely traveled and much beloved prison evangelist.

From that time, she has acted as an itinerant evangelist, preaching in summer in the open air.

He remarked that he had become acquainted with me through the Christian Evangelist, published by Bro.

The wife of a traveling evangelist will always be the proper object of pity and sympathy, if pity and sympathy are to be given.