Evangelize [verb]

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English missionaries proceed much more wisely in their efforts to evangelize a people.

To be a Pariah was easy, and attempts to evangelize that class continued to be made in Madura up to the time of the Suppression.

They have an equal right to make the same thorough and searching investigation of the proposition to evangelize the world.

On the basis given above these 6,000 missionaries can evangelize one hundred and fifty millions in this generation.

It has been a favorite idea of many that the Negroes of America should evangelize Africa.

Its origin is due to a missionary who came with eight disciples at the end of the fifth century to evangelize Armorica.

She now has a name, with other Churches, for putting forth efforts to evangelize the world.

After His resurrection He appeared among His disciples and commissioned them to evangelize the world.

But we are told that the Colonization Society is to civilize and evangelize Africa.

Yet to any other man the vocation to evangelize it all must have been bewildering and even paralyzing.