Evaporated [verb]

Definition of Evaporated:

dry up, dissolve

Synonyms of Evaporated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Evaporated:

Sentence/Example of Evaporated:

But last night I told Mr. Hofer that my slender stock of patience had gone—flown—evaporated.

In the rainy season water is doubtless abundant, but must be soon evaporated.

When the sun rises the water evaporated by the heat returns from these little storehouses into the body of the atmosphere.

Large manufacturing plants in the southwestern part of Virginia produce evaporated and condensed milk.

The syllogisms were overthrown by their satire, and their arguments evaporated in their vituperation.

I had taken but a few steps before it seemed to me that more than half the weight of my body had evaporated during my sleep.

The ether solution was washed with water and dilute sodium carbonate solution, and the ether was evaporated.

The combined ether extracts were evaporated in a desiccator without heat.

The ester solution was then put in a vacuum desiccator over sulphuric acid and the alcohol evaporated.

Water was added, the solution was shaken out with ether and the ether was evaporated.